Property Inspection
  • 1st Inspection and status report to owner
  • Inventory check and records
  • Quarterly inspection of the property
  • Additional visits if required
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Payment / Collection of bills
  • Collection of rent and other dues from tenant
  • Property tax payment
  • Maintenance bill payment
  • Electricity bill payment
  • Water bill payment
  • Other Utilities bill payment
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Repairs and Maintenance
  • Painting work
  • Wood work
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical work
  • Mason work
  • Termite treatment
  • Seepage Issues
  • Normal cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Any other maintenance issue
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Keys and Visit Management
  • Show property to prospective tenant
  • Show property to agents/brokers
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Legal Paper Work
  • Making new lease agreement
  • Renewing lease agreement
  • Agreement notarized/registered in court
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Rental Services
  • Advertising property in jagga.com
  • Advertising property in other portals
  • Marketing through brokers
  • Finalizing tenant with consultation from home owner
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Tenant Credentials Check
  • Feedback from previous owner if applicable
  • Background verification with current employer
  • Local Reference Check
  • Support in getting police verification
  • Criminal history and detailed background check
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Tenant Move-in to Property
  • Helping in smooth move in to property
  • Making sure old bills are paid
  • Making sure property given in good condition
  • Move in - photos
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Tenant Move-out of Property
  • Getting possession of keys from tenant
  • Inventory check at the time of tenant's exit
  • Making sure bills are paid by tenant
  • Giving fair estimate of damage done by tenant
  • Move out - Photos
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For New Properties
  • Inspection of property before taking possession
  • Coordinating with builder for pending work
  • Taking possession on Owner's behalf
  • Helping in registration process
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Interior Work
  • Woodwork in kitchen & rooms
  • Electrical fittings(Fan, Light & AC etc)
  • Paint & POP
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